UVI Centre for Development Of Adult Education and Training for Migrants and Refugees

Address: Vesterskovvej 4C, Skanderborg DK-8660, DENMARK
Tel.: +45-86512350
Fax: +45-86258081
Contact: Mr. Ib Jespersgaard

Background and purpose

There has been established educational and advice/guidance activities for adults with handicaps and for adult migrants and refugees in general.

As for the persons with handicaps, these activities are carried out at the educational institutions and in the organizations for care and occupation that to some degree are focused on persons with specific handicaps, e.g. people who suffer from blindness, lack of hearing, movement problems or persons who are mentally retarded, etc. The activities are also supported by different formal and informal networks that exist amond the experts in the field, and people who work with handicappped people, as well as among handicapped people themselves.

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