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PROJECT 2000 is a project which aims at supporting refugees and immigrants and enable them to find a place of their own in the Finnish society, in this way be really integrated, become more self-reliant and in the long run, possibly by means of this project attain an income and even make a living so that they really become inderendant and no longer have to depend on support by the society. Apart from the local districts which already belong to the working area of Vastra Nylanda Invandrartjanet, which by the way has taken the initiativefor "PROJECT 2000" and is also the organizing and responsible party, this project is meant to include the town of Luju and the local district of Kyrkalatt.
The Liaison Committee for the Social Advancement of the Migrants and People in social insertion difficulties, put together and coordinate the actions of a national network.
This committee has a high potential of an important and qualified training: 63 organizations and 3000 trainers spread out over the whole French territory.

The Liaison Committee is a tool for:

The quality of training:

A permanent uupdating of abilities
Conception and implementation of new actions suited to socioeconomic evolutions.

The associative interaction:

The sharing of the aquired vocational skills and the innovations of each organization
The elaboration of coherent and effective training policies

The making of pedagogical studies and researches:

An assignment of studies on vocational training system
Evaluation of traning activities
Creation and the sreading of pedagogical productions

Training centers:

Supporting the running and and management of training organizations
Defining a policy for the staff qualification and assistance to the elaboration of a training plan for trainers
Participating to the elaboration of the organization development strategies in reference to a socioeconomic context

The information and communication development:

Organizing forums and appointments between organizations which allow the confrontation of experiences, the updating of pedagogical practices and the reflexion on vocational training system constantly in evolution
a series of files analysing training practices for " low level " qualified people
"documentation data ", a monthly bibliographical report gathering around three main lines: the economic environment, the training, the educational methods, the documentary news on the "low level" qualified people's training and its economic and social environment.
Exchanges with European Partners within the framework of the existing programs.
The Liaison Committee is also a proposing force to the authorities: Interventions to national and regional partners for a training policy suited to the needs of people in social insertion difficulties.

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