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Multimedia training for people with first-level qualifications



Develop multimedia training for people with first level qualifications through an approach including:
performer's mutual training and conceptual enhancement
inventory and analysis of best practices
formalizing implementation methodologies
transferring methodologies to training organization networks


CLP, 15 rue Reaumur, 75003 Paris



regions: Aquitaine, Ile de France, PACA, Rhone Alpes
5 CLP network training organizations: INSUP,FAIRE, ACPM, CEFI, MPS
5 IOTA +network APPs, one per region: to be defined
rest of Europe:

Belgian partner: CASI-UO, Brussels
Other countries: to be defined

Duration of the project:


European Framework:

assistance from the European Social Fund:INTEGRA

European project to be filed before:

March 31, 1997

French financial partners supporting the project:

SIFE, Conseil General, FAS, etc. training organizations share counterpart
Financial counterpart: Delegation of the Professional Formation


1 - Facts

Established but little - used practices in training centres
For 15 years, training centres have used multimedia tools in training sessions for needy people. Most of the time, the fields teams chose to learn how to use the tools. They have more or less set up an appropriation approach, they determine use within their organization's practices, they are considered a reference in this field by their colleaques yet practices are not circulated.
- training is often performed when they try out new tools provided by editors/designers ( learning to read, to use a word processor, discovering information multimedia, etc)
An explosive and versatile product offer
Multimedia products for continuing education are booming. The Cite des Sciences de la Vilette's educational library for professional trainers contains over one thousand tools. The market is now moving to CD-ROMs, which offer attractive products that make many effective tools developed less than two years ago with less means look obsolete. Tomorrow, network service providers will be favored for exchanging information, because of their versatility, customized services, databases. They have revolutionized both desktops and access to new products.

2 - Contents

It will not be possible to study all the emerging profiles and problematics. The approach will consist in defining study items from two entry points: a field of investigation and a methodology:

Fields of investigation:

training multimedia for teaching basic French and Mathematics
training multimedia for basic technical and scientific training
training multimedia for understanding the every day environment
training multimedia for personal development
using the networks: the new age of office automation-research, information processing
Work methodologies
performer's training and exchange
collective inventory of practices and formal approaches and uses
investigation of the performers' best practices

3 - Action

In France:

Multimedia training at the Cite des Sciences et de l' Industrie in Paris
technical an teaching analysis grids produced by processing part of the 1000 multimedia tools ( on CD-ROM or diskette) available on site
partners' agreement to establish common protocols
inventory of training practices
existing resources: technical and human
the various training approaches developed: engineering, mechanism organization, training, assistance methodology, objectives/ training contents, multimedia location and implementation, effect appraisal, evaluation/validation
the various technical solutions; engineering, means implemented by operators(schedules, cost, skills), IT/ specific teaching technical links,
technical and training results of training with multimedia
building methodological patterns to ensure practice transfer
setting up implementation strategies and assistance methodologies
formalizing standard approaches and specific uses in various contexts
European exchanges
practice and methodology exchanges
practice transposition conditions

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