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  • The approved Greek project, called "INTEGRA", aims at the further development of the support structures and vocational training systems for repatriating Greeks in Western Athens created in the framework of the project "IRIDE" - HORIZON.
  • Additionally, the project aims at creating job opportunities in businesses of the private sector and promoting self-employment through the creation of small businesses and co-operatives (provision of multiple medical services and services in tourism and commerce).

The major objectives of the Greek national project "PREPATRE/In_NET" are:

  • To support/develop the existing structures
  • To enable the Local Authorities to implement effective social policies
  • To ensure the active participation of the target group in the realisation of the project
  • To promote self-employment and to create job opportunities for the target group
  • To develop links between local businesses and the target group in order to develop job opportunities
  • To upgrade the skills and the qualifications of the target group so as to meet the demand in the labour market
  • To create models for Language and Vocational skills accession
  • To develop information programmes/model using the new IT capabilities (INTERNET).
  • To promote the products and the outcomes of other European projects.
  • To use the innovative structures aiming at the local community benefit.

Activities in the framework of "PREPATRE/In_NET":

  • Creation of a new service in the Support Centre for Repatriating Greeks (created in the framework of IRIDE) which will act as a link between its clients and businesses of the private sector, seeking job opportunities for them and supporting them in their effort to find employment.
  • A door-to-door registration of repatriating Greeks.
  • A study regarding the qualifications and skills of the target group.
  • Development of Models for Language and Vocational skills accession
  • Creation of self-support groups by members of the target group.
  • On-the-job training regarding the use of new technologies and computers in the field of medicine and in para-medical professions.
  • Education training.
  • The set-up and operation of a co-operative providing multiple medical services.
  • The close collaboration between the Support Centre of repatriating Greeks and the Network for Legal Support of Immigrants and Refugees.

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