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EU Initiative - EMPLOYMENT


Association for the Development of West Athens
(Centre for Development Of Adult Education and Training for Migrants and Refugees)
(Comitee of the Association for the Promotion of the Immigrants and People with Insertion Difficulties)
UNITED KINGDOM Notting Dale Technology Centre
FINLAND Migrant services of Lansi - Uusimaa


Denmark, Hellas, France, Finland, and UK appear strongly the phenomenon of immigration: The immigrants share many features: face often tremendous difficulties in the countries where they immigrate into: language problems, difficulties in finding vacancies suitable for their competence, difficulties in getting orientated in the Western society, inequality of opportunities, discrimination, even xenophobia. But also: the western trade and industry cannot always judge, as a consequence of prejudices, reluctance, unfair assumptions, lacking information etc., the value of the expatriates as a resource. This is not only the problem of SME's but also of larger undertakings. Also it is quite obvious that this target group is highly motivated to acquire training and to find solutions to their difficult life situations.

The overall objective of the project PREPATRE/In_NET is to develop methodology, models and activities that will facilitate the immigrants to settle down in their new homelands as respected citizens who also esteem themselves as full members of the society. It is also about:

  • to use the people's talents to the full
  • to respect cultural and religious differences
  • to avoid the costs of discrimination (that xenophobia may cause)
  • to avoid the costs unemployment will cause
  • to sustain a stable society not only for the immigrants trained throughout the project but also for their families

The programme will consist of vocational skills test and evaluations, tutoring, training and practical exercises.

What arrangements are in place for the overall management of the transnational dimension?

The transnationality is managed by ASDA. ASDA will be the overall project manager - responsible for the organisation of joint transnational meetings, the reporting of the proceedings of the transnational project and the communication flow between partners. Each partner is responsible for reporting, monitoring and evaluation of their own national projects whereas the overall manager will be responsible for monitoring the project throughout.

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